John Montroll's Three-Headed Dragon
John Montroll’s Three-Headed Dragon
Jeff began folding origami at the age of 7. A childhood fascination with animals and a house full of scrap paper led to a great deal of excitement when he realized he could create his own animal figures simply by folding paper. He bought a number of origami books and frequently folded while traveling on family trips and in his spare time, mostly focusing on representational models of animals as well as traditional and simple models.

Teaching at Taro's Origami Studio
Teaching at Taro’s Origami Studio
Jeff began working and teaching at Taro’s Origami Studio in 2014 as a teacher and staff member. He has loved being part of Taro’s staff and community of folders of all ages and levels. Taro’s Origami Teaching Method is similar to learning a martial art. It focuses on the mastery of basic folds and maneuvers, called “kata,” and students progress through the different skill levels, called “kyus,” as they work on more advanced models. It is not the complexity of the model that matters, but the precision and care put into the folding.
Jeff has also worked as an origami artist, folding models for media use, at corporate events and parties, and teaching workshops, private lessons, and group lessons. Jeff enjoys crafting his models with the same eye for dynamic contour and character that he brings to his theatre work, and has a passion for empowering the inner artist through teaching.