“Over all, I want you to discover the joy of creation by your own hand… The possibility of creation from paper is infinite.” – Akira Yoshikawa

John Montroll’s Three-Headed Dragon

I began folding origami when I was a kid. My childhood love of animals and a house full of scrap paper led to a great deal of excitement when I realized I could make my own animal figures by folding paper. I bought a number of origami books and frequently folded while traveling on family trips and in my spare time, mostly folding animals. I began working and teaching at Taro’s Origami Studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2014 as a teacher and staff member. Now, I teach origami workshops and lessons (group and private) independently and through Taro’s Origami Studio. I have also folded models for media use and for live entertainment at corporate events and parties.

Origami encourages creativity, building focus, and is a great hobby to start at any age.


Origami Lessons
Learn the basic folds, bases, diagram symbols, and models to start you down a lifelong journey mastering the art of paper folding.

  • Private Lessons – One-on-one lessons catered to the student’s interests and skill level.
  • Group Lessons – Round up a few friends and learn to fold together. Group lesson rates vary based on the size of the group.

Origami Workshops
A crash course in the art of paper folding, origami workshops work beautifully as Corporate Team Building Sessions, Special Events, or Party Activities.

  • NEW! Eight Session Crash Course – In eight 75-90 minute sessions, you’ll learn the fundamental folds, bases, and numerous models to start you on your way to being an origami master. Each session focuses on a particular origami base, teaching the principles of origami through 3-4 models derived from that base.
  • Standard Origami Workshop – In a 60 or 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn about the basic history of origami, some of the common folds, bases, principles, and approaches to folding origami, and immediately apply them to make 3-4 models.
  • Themed Origami Workshop – Same as the Standard Workshop, but the models are picked around a theme. Possible themes include (but are not limited to):
    • Origami History – Learning more about the history of Origami while folding traditional and contemporary models that demonstrate how the art form has developed and evolved over time, including traditional Japanese models, traditional Western models, and contemporary models.
    • Origami Aviary – Birds.
    • Origami Garden – Flowers, Bugs, Butterflies, etc.
    • Modular Origami – Modular Origami involves folding the same unit over and over again, then combining the units to make shapes and structures. Have each person fold all the units to make their own model, or work together to fold units to make one big model!

*We can work together to create a theme that fits your occasion.

Scrap Paper Origami Workshop

Does your office have heaps of scrap paper lying around? I’ll show you how to cut the paper into squares and teach you how to fold them into animals, planes, flowers, and so on. It’ll be a refreshing break during the workday, and it’s much more fun to have the office littered with paper critters than piles of paper. A perfect corporate team building activity.

Bespoke Origami
Folding specific models, made to order for various needs, including:

  • Media Usage
  • Corporate and Celebratory Events
  • Decoration
  • Weddings

Examples of possible Bespoke Origami Projects include:

  • Strings of Cranes – There is a tradition of hanging forty strings of twenty five origami cranes (a total of one thousand cranes) as wedding decoration. They say that folding a thousand cranes makes a wish come true.
  • Bouquets of Paper Flowers
  • Origami Centerpieces
  • Party Favors and Gifts

Live Origami Folding
Folding origami models in person for you and your guests. Great for Corporate and Celebratory Events.

Feel free to contact me directly for my Teaching and Artist Rates, and check out Taro’s Origami Studio for more information about Taro’s Teaching Method. I am currently based in Arlington, VA and the Washington D.C. area.


“Jeff Raab coalesced all ages for a wonderful origami class at The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum this winter. Jeff delved into the history of the origami craft and led an easy-to-follow instructional portion, during which about 30 attendants – from young children to adults – learned how to construct snakes, boats and cranes. His charm and amiable personality fostered a warm and inclusive environment for both experienced folders and those new to origami. We look forward to having Jeff back at our Museum!” – National Bonsai Museum

Blog Article from National Bonsai Museum Workshop

Here are pictures of models I’ve folded (including a couple original designs) and of me in action as teacher and artist: