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Corporate Services

Corporate Team Building Workshops

Origami Workshops make great corporate team building events. It’s a great activity for your team to try together for the first time, no experience necessary. The only requirement is a few sheets of paper. During the session, you’ll be given some background on origami and then fold a few models (usually 3-5), starting simple and building on what you’ve learned. 

Workshops may be 30-minutes, 60-minutes, or 90 minutes long, and can be conducted in-person or remotely using video-conferencing platforms (My go-to platform is Zoom, and I can provide a link to you and your team for the session).

Visit Origami Lessons/Workshops for more details. 

Corporate Event Folding

Hire me to fold and teach origami on-site for guests at special events. I have a large repertoire of origami models that I can fold on demand, and teach simple models to guests. 

  • Contact me directly for my Corporate Workshop and Event Rates

Corporate Testimonials

“Your presentation and delivery were flawless. Timing check, direction check, camera check, relaxing music check – it was a perfect therapeutic exercise!” – Netflix Consumer Products Department

“If you’re looking for the perfect remote team building event, look no further. My company hosted Jeff on Zoom today (we had 10 folks join) and the feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive! Jeff is a great teacher and extremely easy to follow; by the end of our 1 hour class each person had 5(!) different designs done! It was relaxing and fun, and a great change of pace from the typical remote events that we’ve tried in the past. I can recommend him without hesitation. Thanks Jeff!” – Uppercase Brands

“Jeff Raab coalesced all ages for a wonderful origami class at The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum this winter. Jeff delved into the history of the origami craft and led an easy-to-follow instructional portion, during which about 30 attendants – from young children to adults – learned how to construct snakes, boats and cranes. His charm and amiable personality fostered a warm and inclusive environment for both experienced folders and those new to origami. We look forward to having Jeff back at our Museum!” – National Bonsai Museum

“That was excellent! Thank you so much. I can’t believe how quickly the hour passed. The blend of history with crafting was perfect.” – UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction