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MEASURE FOR MEASURE (Academy of Classical Acting)
“Jeff Raab is first-rate as Lucio.” – Sophia Howes, DC Metro Theater Arts

“Representing Guthrie earlier in life is Jeff Raab, also known as “the Searcher”… He has a fine voice and plays the guitar, banjo and harmonica.” – Robert Hagelstein, Palms West Monthly

SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN (Round Barn Theater)
“Twin brother Dennis (Jeff Raab) is the shy one in the family and had the audience in stitches as he declared, “I’m the boy.” He wants to be a preacher and struggled through the message his mother had written, prior to delivering a fire and brimstone message of his own.” – Jeri Seely Editor in Chief,

THE MUSIC MAN (Westchester Broadway Theater)
“Harold meets his old friend Marcellus (played by the excellent Jeff Raab) a reformed con man, who tells him that River City has a new pool table. – Debra Banerjee, The Scarsdale Inquirer

“Jeff Raab plays Marcellus Washburn, a former con man who has reformed and settled down in Rock City… His “Shipoopi” enlivens the folks in a spirited hoedown.” – James Cotter, Times Herald Record

12th NIGHT (Libra Theater Company) – New York Innovative Theater Award for “Outstanding Original Music”
“This production also sets itself apart with its use of music, which is beautifully woven into the entire play. The entire cast joins in rousing harmonies and plays instruments, making the whole affair feel at times like a friendly jamboree. Composer Jeff Raab, who also plays Feste, has written some truly lovely tunes to accompany this show, and the skillful use of it throughout only enforces the idea of music as the food of love – essential and fulfilling.” – Kimberly Lew, West Side Rag

“Channeling elements of bluegrass, traditional Irish, and Renaissance genres, musical director and composer Jeff Raab (also playing Feste) has infused the story with rich harmonies and driving rhythms; you’ll find yourself tapping your toe in your seat and maybe even suppressing the urge to do a little jig.” – Erin E. McGuff, Woman About Town

LEND ME A TENOR (White Plains Performing Arts Center)
“Raab is a delight as the weasel of a bellhop trying to insinuate his way into an audience with the great Tito.” – Debra Banerjee, The Scarsdale Inquirer

“Several cast members rise with full authority… Jeff Raab [is] a puckishly impudent Bellhop.” – John Simon, Yonkers Tribune

“Jeff Raab, who plays a bellhop… support[s] the leading roles very well, adding to the overall hilarity of Lend Me a Tenor. – Pat Casey, The White Plains Examiner

SEUSSICAL (Westchester Broadway Theater)
“The stories wouldn’t be complete without the Wickersham Brothers causing some trouble. Micah Cowher, Jeff Raab and FaTye Francis are fantastic, as they dance around stage and bother Horton and his speck of dust.” – Michelle Jacoby, The Report

“Jeff Raab flashed show biz razzmatazz as he became the fast-singing huckster putting over the rapid-fire “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” from Barnum. He clearly has a great sense of comedy.” – William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

“Jeff Raab gave his all to the con man anthem, “There Is a Sucker Born Ev’ry Minute”” – Elizabeth Ahlfors, CurtainUp