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Origami Videos

Below are how-to videos for a couple of my original designs. They’re displayed in what I believe to be simplest to hardest. 

If you are interested in using these designs for commercial purposes, please contact me. Refer to “On Models and Their Use” on the Origami Photos page for more information. 

In all of these videos, I use Taro’s Standard 6″ Origami Paper. It’s excellent, authentic Japanese Kami. You can purchase it from Taro’s Origami Studio or

If you enjoy these videos and folding these models, please consider making a PayPal donation using the button below (Suggested donation of $15 for access to the five videos):

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Happy Folding!

Cardinal (Beginner)

Skunk (Beginner)

Bear (High Beginner)

Hummingbird (High Beginner)

Rat (Intermediate)