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“Over all, I want you to discover the joy of creation by your own hand… the possibility of creation from paper is infinite.” – Akira Yoshizawa

I’ve been folding for over 25 years. I loved animals as a kid, and was excited to discover I could make my own animals out of paper. It was a great way to pass the time in transit and on family trips (and still is). I’ve been a professional origami artist and teacher since 2014, working independently and with Taro’s Origami Studio. I’m currently based in Milford, Connecticut, near New Haven. 


Origami Lessons
Individual or Group Lessons catered to the participants’ interest. Visit Origami Lessons/Workshops for more information

Origami Workshops
Origami Workshops work beautifully as Corporate Team Building Sessions, Special Events, or Party Activities. Visit Origami Lessons/Workshops for more information

Bespoke Origami
Custom made pieces for Corporate, Celebratory, or Media use. For example, strings of cranes, table centerpieces, and origami pieces for film, TV, and commercials. I mostly use traditional designs, but do have some of my own designs to pull from. For more information about Models and Their Use, and to see some of my pieces, visit Origami Photos

Live-Event Folding
Providing entertainment at events, folding models (I have a large repertoire) and teaching simple models to guests. Good for Corporate Events, Galas, Holiday Parties, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.