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Origami Workshops/Lessons

Origami encourages creativity, builds focus, and is a great hobby to start at any age. Learn the basic folds, bases, diagram symbols, and models to start you on a lifelong journey mastering the art of paper folding.

Start your year and stay warm inside while learning the mindful art of paper folding. Using the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, you’ll learn the major folds of origami in time for the Lunar New Year.

2025 Dates: TBA

Celebrate the springtime by folding your own origami garden. You’ll learn to fold paper birds, insects, and flowers that will always be in bloom.

2024 Dates: May 2nd thru May 24th

Party it up this summer with an aquatic origami adventure. Take some time over your vacation folding paper boats, fish, and other sea creatures so you can keep the summer fun going all year ’round.

2024 Dates: August 8th thru August 30th

‘Tis the season of beloved traditions, which is the perfect time to learn the traditional models of paper folding from all over the world. You’ll also learn about the history of origami and see how these iconic models have inspired the art form’s evolution.

2024 Dates: October 31st thru November 22nd

Each workshop will have two available sections, the first on Thursdays8-9 PM and the second on Fridays10-11 AM. Each section meets four times over the four weeks: . All sessions held on Zoom.  Total Price: $125. Contact Me for more information.

Over eight 60-minute sessions, you’ll learn the major folds, bases, and numerous models to start you on the path to origami mastery. We’ll also talk about the history of origami, different origami styles, and how to read diagrams. All sessions held on Zoom. Origami Foundations can be booked as one-on-one sessions or group sessions. Total Price: $320. Contact Me for more information.

Treat your team to a creative and meditative origami session, where you’ll learn about origami and how to fold 4-6 origami models. Perfect for team building, activating creativity, practicing mindfulness, or to take a break from the day-to-day routine. There are countless models your team could learn, so these workshops work as a one-time special event, a series for your team to grow together as paper folders, or ongoing sessions as a regular part of your week.

Workshops can be held in-person or on most video-conference platforms (though Zoom or Google Meet are preferred. Cost depends on duration of workshop (30, 60, 90, 120 minute sessions available) and number of participants.

Visit Corporate Services for more details, and Contact Me for cost inquiries and other questions.

One-on-one lessons catered to the student’s interests and skill level. Or, round up a few friends and learn to fold together. Private lessons are ideal if you like to go at your own pace or have specific origami goals. I’ve taught origami to students of all ages and skill levels.

One-on-one Lessons: $80/hr. Group Lesson rates depend on the number of participants. Contact Me for more information.

“Jeff was such an amazing teacher. He came to our home and even brought the special paper with him. Our son who is 7 and his friends (8-9 yrs) thoroughly enjoyed learning how to fold origami and it was a creative fun way to spend the afternoon. We hope to do it again soon.”