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Ten-Song Audition Book

Tired of wondering what you should sing for your audition? Too many options? Not enough options? 

I have a theory: You can get through audition season with a ten-song audition book. An actor’s audition book is their professional portfolio, and the more considered and particular its contents are, the more confident, prepared, and professional you will feel in your auditions. We’ll work together to build an audition book that you’ll be excited to walk into any room with.  

Ten Songs

  • Honing in on ten specific songs that show:
    • Your Different Colors
    • Who You Are
    • What You Love
    • What You Do
    • Your Technical Ability/Skill
    • Your Dramatic Range
    • Your Marketability
  • The theory is, if you give yourself fewer options, you’ll have less to worry about when you walk into the audition room. 
  • What does each song reveal about you?
  • Come in with too many songs you love, and we’ll refine your list together. 

Sheet Music Preparation

We can work on this together, or I can prepare these for you (I use Finale):

  • Clean, computerized sheet music 
  • Transpositions
  • Copying, Printing, Page Layout
  • Identifying 32/16/8 Bar Cuts, Marking them in the music

The Physical Book

  • Clean, Professional looking audition books
  • Organization – Table of Contents, Tabs, Binder

We can also discuss Monologues, aiming toward a minimum of having a Classic Comedic, Classic Dramatic, Contemporary Comedic, and Contemporary Dramatic piece. 

Once we’ve built your book, I’ll encourage you to make a creative commitment to your new audition book for at least 60 days. 

I am most interested in tapping into your authentic, unique persona and collaborating with you to create a comprehensive portfolio of material you love that allows you to shine. For more information about my philosophy and approach, check out my blog posts about The Musical Theatre Audition Book.