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Educational Touchstone

At the beginning of my year at the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, I wanted to be sure that I kept my focus on getting the most out of my time here. The night before classes began, I wrote this for myself and hung it above my desk. Every so often I would check in with it, and it proved to be a fruitful perspective, often helping to realign me. I offer it here in case anyone else finds it helpful:

I did not come here to impress anyone
I did not come here to please anyone

I came here to learn
I came here to acquire new skills
I came here to grow and to evolve
I came here to work toward my potential
I came here with the goal of walking out a better person than I walked in. 

I will take risks
I will honor the work I do here 
I will honor my own personal journey
I will honor myself within that journey
I will not lose sight of what I came here to do
If I do, I will concentrate on refocusing my energy, remind myself why I came here, and get back to doing it. 

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